All individuals residing in the Faroe Islands who have a Faroese ID number, p-tal, are automatically covered by the National Health Insurance, Heilsutrygd.

In general, the primary doctor at your local municipality is your first contact for your health-related situations. After you have registered your residency at the municipalty, you will be assigned to the primary doctor. The primary doctor will refer you to the hosptial for treatment or further check-up. 

In case of emergencies when it is life-threatening or in an acute situation, call 112 for emergency services. If you are  in need of talking to a doctor outside normal working hours and you cannot wait until the doctor’s office opens, then you must call 1870, the after-hours GP Service, Læknavaktin. This national service is open after normal working hours, from 16.00 until 08.00 and at all other times when the doctor`s offices are closed, on weekends and holidays. This service is able to assess your situation, advice you directly or send a doctor to your home, or they may ask you to go in for a check-up at a hospital.

For more detailed information about health in the Faroe Islands, please check our handbook New to the Faroe Islands.