Events in the Faroe Islands

Here you can find past, recurring, and upcoming events related to integration.

Citizens Get-Together Evening/ Samansjóðingarkvøld

Tvøroyar municipality in the island of Suðuroy hosts an informative forum for locals and newcomers within their community. 

For more information on the past event

For more information on the event in general, please contact Tvøroyar municipality

Diversity Week

Each year in October, Tórshavn municipality hosts Diversity week 'to shed light on the multicultural society Tórshavn municipality [sic] has become and to strengthen the intercultural attitude'. 

For more information, check out Diversity Week Tórshavn.



International Day

International Day is organized by the integration committee in Klaksvík municipality to provide a space for the community to come together and learn about the new cultures found within as well as mix with each other to build and strengthen the relationship. 

It is an annual event that occurs every May. 

For more information go to International Day Klaksvík.


Language, Inclusion and Labour Markets Seminar (2017)

In what ways can adult education and learning contribute to better inclusion in society and to labour market integration?

In line with priorities set out by the Nordic Council of Ministers on collaboration with regard to inclusion and integration of immigrants, Nordic Network for Adult Learning (NVL) and the Immigration Office in the Faroe Islands organized a seminar entitled ”Language, Inclusion and Labour Markets”. A central question underpinning the seminar theme and NVL’s work in this area is: In what ways can adult education and learning contribute to better inclusion in society and to labour market integration?

The aim of this seminar was to bring together immigrants, policymakers, researchers, educators, social partners and other stakeholders in order to discuss pathways for better inclusion in society and successful labour market integration. Main focus is on migrants’ experiences and challenges regarding language learning and labour market access in the Faroe Islands. This includes focus on Faroese as a second/foreign language and the role of coordinated adult education in relation to language learning, social inclusion and employment.

The seminar furthermore shed light on state-of-the-art research on aspects of the following core themes that the event addresses: Language and inequality, access to Faroese, implications of underemployment, barriers to professional jobs, enterprise policy, intercultural communication and new speakers of Europe’s minoritized languages.

In addition, the seminar sought to build networks, share knowledge and to offer space for interdisciplinary, inter-practitioner and cross-sectoral dialogue among participants on different aspects of the seminar topics with the purpose of contributing to local discussions and policymaking.

Venue: Smæran, Starvsmannafelagið, J.H. Schrøtersgøta 9, Tórshavn

When: Wednesday 23 August from 08.30 to 17.00.

Languages: Faroese, Swedish and English.

Files from the seminar

Innbjóðing_NVL seminar 23.08.2017.pdf (627,01 KB)

Invitation to NVL seminar 23.08.2017 (644,65 KB)

Skrá_NVL seminar 23.08.2017.pdf (470,29 KB)

Programme_NVL seminar 23.08.2017.pdf (545,55 KB)

TheNewSpeakersNetwork.pdf (909,44 KB)