Learning Faroese and culture

In the Faroe Islands, evening schools at the municipalities offer Faroese language courses. The language courses are designed as a beginner’s course with two or three learning levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) dependent on the evening school. Some schools have separate courses intended for Nordic speaking learners and English speaking learners, if needed. The level and the design of the classes are usually based on the need and capacity of the students with a hands-on perspective. The content of the introductory courses is primarily language and partly culture and society including aspects of the local community, such as visits to public agencies and large workplaces. However, each of the evening schools teach uniquely and may differ from each other.

How do you apply?

In general, evening schools follow a two-semester calendar (Fall/Spring). To sign up, you contact either the evening school administration or the municipality. Most lessons are in the evenings (after work hours). At present, municipality of Tórshavn is the only municipality who offers mandatory intensive day lessons.Please contact your municipality to check in for accurate details including tuition fee. 

For more detailed information about Faroese and culture, please check our handbook, New to the Faroe Islands