Faroese Language

When you move to the Faroe Islands, people expect you to learn the Faroese language. Most skilled jobs will require you to have good Faroese language skills as well.

Where can you learn the language?

Faroese as a second language program (FSA) is available for non-Faroese speakers in Tórshavn, Kambsdali, and in Tvøroyri. FSA is an intensive 15 week language program and after completion, you will receive a certificate indicating your level of Faroese proficiency. Some evening schools also have an introductory Faroese course once or twice a week in the evenings.

Alternatively, you can also attend an introductory class at evening schools usually held after working hours. The content of the introductory courses is primarily language and partly culture and society including aspects of the local community, such as visits to public agencies and large workplaces. However, each of the evening schools teach uniquely and may differ from each other as well as availability. Check with your municipality to see if they offer an introductory class. 

How do you apply?

In general, evening schools follow a two-semester calendar (Fall/Spring). To sign up, you contact either the evening school administration or the municipality. Most lessons are in the evenings (after work hours).

Depending on the municipality and the course type, you will need to pay a fee.

For FSA program, it also follows a two-semester calendar. An open call for registeration will be announced on the website where you can register:

Tórshavnar Kvøldskúli


Miðnam á Kambsdali


Tvøroyrar Kvøld og Ungdómsskúli