Children, school and education

Pre-school Daycare

The municipalities provide day care for children up to school age. Day care can be provided in private homes or in day care centres. Children with special needs can receive specialised pedagogical assistance in the day care centres. Parents can register their children for day care up to six months before they move to the Faroe Islands.

Public School

All children must attend school for 9 years, usually from the age of 7 and until the age of 15. The public elementary school can be divided into two main parts – an elementary school and a lower secondary school.

If you are the parent of a child of school age, you must contact the municipality or the school office to register your child at the school. The schools offer 9 years of compulsory basic education and an elective 10th year. Some public elementary schools also offer pre-school classes for six-year-old children. 

Upper Secondary School

There are several types of secondary schools in the Faroe Islands building on the education received in elementary
school. Secondary schools can be divided into three groups: technical, business, and general education. Secondary education is available at five locations in the islands.

Secondary school, Miðnám, is usually intended for at young students between the ages of 16 and 19. But preparatory education for adults is also a part of Miðnám.

For more detailed information about Children, School, and Education in the Faroe Islands, please check our handbook New to the Faroe Islands