Integratión í Føroyum (B.A. uppgáva, Agnar Frederiksen)

Author: Agnar Frederiksen


This bachelor thesis examines integration in the Faroe Islands. The main issues and factors regarding this subject will be brought forward and analysed. The Faroe Islands is a special country in many ways, as the group of islands and the people living there are knit tightly together. The high level of social capital, the special habitus, and the Gemeinschaft society contributes to some of the challenges regarding integration. This is explained and analysed throughout this paper.

In this project, the researcher has interviewed two of the key players, that deal with the integration in the Faroe Islands, and in the municipality of Klaksvík, where an integration policy and an integration counsel have been created. In these interviews, questions about integration and the work regarding it will be brought forward. This qualitative research, along with the theories of Pierre Bourdieu and Ferdinand Tönnies, is the cornerstone of this project, where some of the empirical material regarding integration in the Faroe Islands will also feature and be analysed.

There is development regarding integration in the Faroe Islands, where steps are being taken to ensure, that the integration process will proceed with more ease. This is in the form of brochures with relevant information, with events that shedding light on different cultures of people living here, public institutions making efforts etc. The media coverage about integration is also more widespread, and in this project, some of the media stories about integration are featured.

All put together, these aspects will explain integration in the Faroe Islands, and the challenges and progress regarding it. There is defiantly improvement in the integration process in the Faroe Islands, but there is still a lot to do.

(B.A. uppgáva)